Kablamo: The Aftermath

4 September 2015 15:09

Happy Adam

Another year, another blog post. Regular readers of our blog / our therapists may have noticed that it’s at this time of the year when the Fringe ends. We had the most amazing year in ’The Box’ at Assembly. A real treat. We have so many people to thank, and what more public forum than this old blog.

First up, our fantastic band of Gabriel Cernik, Stas Butler and Sergi Bray. These booze-addled troubadours added a soundtrack which we tactically deployed to distract you from the show’s numerous lulls. By the end of the run, they were playing for most of the show. They also did amazing work on the flyering, and although as artists we claim we’re happy playing to empty rooms, as humans / people with bank accounts the show was nicer with people to throw jokes at / to throw money at us.

The tech dream-team of Toby Miller and Harriet Visick came along and made the show both visible and audible with their technical wizardry.

With these legends, we managed to stay just about the right side of the line that divides ’good comedy show’ and ’demeaned man sweating in a box’. In fact, a lot of people actually seemed to enjoy the show. Those with pens occasionally chipped in with their two cents:

★★★★★ ‘The funniest thing I’ve ever seen at the Fringe’ (Arts Award)

★★★★★ ‘Anarchy underpinned by an utter comic control and discipline...sublime and hilarious’ (One4review)

★★★★ ‘Loose and fluid with a high gag rate. Impressive stuff’ (TimeOut)

★★★★ ‘Sparkles with wit...you just have to submit to this force of nature, until it deposits you, dizzy but exhilarated’ (Chortle)

★★★★ ‘Causes absolute uproar...breathtaking’ (Fest)

★★★★ ‘Hugely impressive’ (The Mirror)

★★★★ ‘Fast paced, tightly written and technically brilliant...a rare talent you should see as soon as you can’ (The Skinny)

★★★★ ‘One of the hottest tickets in town...a mesmerising performance’ (The Herald)

★★★★ ‘An hour of genius social commentary tackling alcohol, drugs, porn and capitalism...simply fantastic’ (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine)

★★★★ ‘Phenomenal’ (TV Bomb)

All in all, it was our nicest Fringe yet. Just getting started on the next show: already excited. Things are coming up Goose. Until next year...

Post-Edinburgh faff.

3 September 2014 10:51

We’ve just finished our run of shows up at the Edinburgh Fringe, so we’ve been having a lot of baths and therapy.

We’ve also harvested a heady yield of reviews which we’ve slung into a sack and dumped onto our [good] press page: ★★★★ ‘Chaotic comic theatre...an original, ambitious edifice’ (Chortle), ★★★★ ‘A work of theatrical mastery and comic innovation...deconstructive, satirical and stunningly structured’ (Fest), ★★★★ ‘You just have to see it with your own eyes to understand its sheer awesomeness’ (Broadway Baby), ★★★★ ‘Superb...really good fun, exquisitely thought out’ (One4Review).

We’ve decided to keep the website, and our name, because that’s what Google do and they’ve fairly smashed the lid off the internet racket. So please do keep checking out our page to see what exciting stuff we get up in the comedic year of 2014-2015...

Interview with Comedy Blogedy

23 June 2014 12:45

We did a lovely interview with the lovely Sara Shulman of Comedy Blogedy. Here's the link:


Think we came across quite well, gutted she took out our considered analysis of the Middle-East conflict. Could have saved everyone a lot of time.

A Goose amongst the pigeons (Edinburgh 2014)

14 June 2014 18:22

'Goose' will be going up to Edinburgh for the Fringe once again this August, with their brand new one-man whodunit. We'll be rocking it out at Assembly, in the Baillie Room. We've got a whole heap of people involved, so this should be the best one yet. Edge of your nails stuff.

If you're not up in Edinburgh, you can always catch a 'Gosling' during our preview season in London. We're doing plenty of gigs all over the shop, listed under the 'Gigs' section of this well-organised website. Well organised, website.