Goose is Adam Drake and Ben Rowse. This year we're teaming up with music wünderkind Hatty Carman, tech wizkids Toby Miller and Charlie Hain, and marketing legend Joe Ingham.

In August 2013, Goose were in disguise as Robin, and did a show under that name at Just The Tonic at the Edinburgh Fringe. We had a lovely time.

In May 2014, Goose were less well disguised as Goose and took part as one of the Competition Acts for London SketchFest 2014. We had a lovely time.

While in London, Goose try to keep things ticking over now and again with a little show. We get involved with all sorts of mixed bill nights (The Invisible Dot New Wave, Skitsophrenia, Shhh I'm Laughing, The One-Eyed Men's Land of the Blind, amongst others). We also do ludicrously low-key previews of longer-form Edinburgh shows with various comedy pals.

Is all history this cool?